Life & Legacy

100th Anniversary
August 11, 1921 – August 11, 2021

Thank you to all who attended in person and watched on EWTN the Anniversary Mass at the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham, Alabama on August 11, 2021. THE MASS IS NOW AVAILABLE TO WATCH ONLINE.

Father Coyle:
Life & Legacy Documentary

Now Available!

Killed in the Line of Duty, New Centennial Edition Book by Jim Pinto

This newly revised Centennial Edition 56-page book contains four additional essays by Jim Pinto. A Selection of Reflections, Articles and Memories of the Life and Death of Fr. James E. Coyle on the 100th Anniversary of His Passing. On August 11, 1921, Father Coyle was shot and fatally wounded as he sat in the swing on his rectory front porch by an enraged minister whose daughter’s marriage to a dark-skinned Puerto Rican Father Coyle had presided over less than two hours before he was shot. Father Coyle was a “martyr to duty,” The Rt. Rev. Edward P. Allen, Bishop of Mobile, August 13, 1921.

Life & Legacy


The Father James E. Coyle: Life and Legacy Documentary Project Needs Your Support

The 100th Anniversary of Father Coyle’s passing will take place August 11, 2021, and a documentary entitled “Father James E. Coyle: Life and Legacy is currently being produced by local film maker, Dill Productions, Hand’n Hand Entertainment, and the United for Life Foundation.

In addition to telling the mostly unknown story of Father Coyle, the primary objective of this documentary is to shed light on Father Coyle’s life and character, and how he stood his ground on faith and human equality despite the constant threats and ultimate violence that took his life at the very church he pastored for 17 years.

However, we need your help to complete this documentary project before the 100th anniversary celebration takes place at the Cathedral of Saint Paul. We need to raise an additional $75,000 by May 31st to complete the production by the end of June. Your donations, made out to the United for Life Foundation are tax-deductible, and donors can receive screen credits on the film.

We have partnered with Alabama Public Television and have received their commitment to air the documentary in 2021.

Photo of Father James. E. Coyle

Learn more about Father Coyle and how you can be included in supporting this important documentary.

Read about the extraordinary life of Father James E. Coyle, written by Jim Pinto.

Alabama Public Television (APT) offers a letter a support to the Father Coyle documentary.

Consider supporting the Fathe Coyle documentary through a sponsorship.

Consider supporting the Fathe Coyle documentary through a sponsorship.

As the one hundredth anniversary of Father Coyle’s martyrdom nears,

there is great anticipation and planning for numerous ventures to help catapult the sacrificial witness of this holy priest into the awareness of many throughout the world, that many may be inspired to reconciliation to God and one another.  May many emulate Father Coyle’s sacrificial life as articulated in the last words he penned in the Church Notice Book shortly before the giving of his precious life. “Give. Give until it hurts, then and only then is there sacrifice.”

Donations can be made here on the website or by mailing a check to:

United for Life Foundation
P.O. Box 43217
Birmingham, AL 35243
(205) 969-0771

Please designate “Father Coyle Documentary” on your check.

There are also multiple levels of sponsorship for the Father James E. Coyle documentary.

Thank you for helping to keep the memory and sacrifices of Father James E. Coyle alive for future generations.

Documentary Supporters

Corporate Sponsors

Alabama Humanities Alliance
Alabama Humanities Alliance
Alabama Humanities Alliance
Bruno-Rumore Foundation
Birmingham Jewish Federation
Brooklere Investment Company
Fatima Fund
Knights of Columbus
United for Life Foundation


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Tyler Rowley
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Last Event

Life & Legacy

Join us for the annual Mass to honor Father James E. Coyle’s Life and Legacy.

August 11, 2021

Anniversary Mass at the Cathedral of St. Paul on August 11, 2021 at 12:10 PM with reception following. The Mass will be broadcast live on EWTN.
Map: 2120 3rd Ave. North, Birmingham, AL 35203

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The Father James E. Coyle Memorial Project

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Fr. James E. Coyle Memorial Project
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