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Welcome to the Father James E. Coyle Memorial Project. It is our hope that the sharing of the life and death of this holy man may promote greater understanding, reconciliation and peace among all of God’s children. This site and Project is an ongoing and cooperative work among many people, including you. In the coming days we will build the structure of the Project upon the foundation of Fr. Coyle’s sacrificial life, and his call upon others to sacrifice on behalf of the Faith, and the dignity of every human being. His closing hand written entry in the “Pulpit Announcements” of the final Sunday, August 7, 1921 before his murder on Thursday, August 11, 1921, typifies the soul of this man, his call upon others, and the spirit with which this Project is undertaken. His final entry

“Give. Give till it hurts then and only then is there sacrifice.”

James Pinto, Jr.
Member of the Steering Committee:
Father James E. Coyle
Memorial Project